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Hindu God Postage Stamps

Hindu God Postage Stamps

Hindu God Postage Stamps First Day Cover.

First Day Cover

Hindu God Postage Stamps Souvenir Sheet.
Souvenir Sheet

Hindu God Postage Stamps Imperforated Souvenir Sheet.

Imperforated Souvenir Sheet / Proof

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 Issue Name :

Hindu God Postage Stamps

 Issue Date : 2009-06-02
 Perforation : n/a
 Denomination : 5 Baht (4 Designs)
 Details : Design 1: Ganesa, which is another name for Ganesha, means the "God who has power over obstacles". A son of Shiva and Uma, he has the face of an elephant and he was blessed by his father so as to have the power to dispel all obstacles. Offerings must be made to Ganesha before any other gods.

Design 2: Brahma, according to Brahmin Doctrine, is believed to be the Creator of all things on earth. The Musnapurana Legend states that he divided himself into two parts-one being a male figure, which was Brahma himself and the other in female form, named Sraswadee, whoe served as his consort. They helped each other in creating deities, humans, animals, demons and plants.

Design 3: Narayana, also known to the Thais as Phra Narai, is responsible for preserving things in their appropriate condition. His work is continual so as to create peace and harmony in the world. Narai has ten incarnated lives on earth.

Design 4: Siva, generally known as Phra Issuan to the Thais, has the duty of destroying all evil things on earth. This god has three eyes and a white complexion. According to traditional Thai belief, Shiva will pay an annual 10-day visit to the earth. This visit will start on the seventh nightof the waning moon in the first lunar month and end on the first night of the waning moon in the same month. During the visit, a Brahmin ceremony, known as the Tri Yumpawai, will be organized to welcome the God.

Quantity of stamps : 700,000 pieces per design
Composition : 20 stamps per sheet

Printing Process: Lithography Multi-colour
Designer : Mrs.Veena Chantanatat (Thailand Post Company Limited)

Souvenir Sheet Price : 25.00 Baht
Quantity of S/Sheet : 100,000 Sheets

FDC Price : 30.00 Baht
Quantity of FDC : 16,500 covers
 Size : 30 x 48 mm. (Vertical-meausured from perforation to perforation)
 Printer : Cartor Security Printing, France

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