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H.M. the King, Teacher for the Land Postage Stamp

H.M. the King, Teacher for the Land Postage Stamp

H.M. the King, Teacher for the Land Postage Stamp First Day Cover.

First Day Cover

H.M. the King, Teacher for the Land Postage Stamp Full Sheet.

Full Sheet

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 Issue Name :

H.M. the King, Teacher for the Land Postage Stamp

 Issue Date : 2012-01-16
 Perforation : n/a
 Denomination : 3 Baht
 Details :

The Teacher of the Land

     The Ministry of Education wishes to honour and show its appreciation for His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej's educational activities. So it has given the title, "The Royal Teacher of the Country" to the King. Thailand Post has considered it appropriate to issue postage stamps as part of the celebration of this special occasion.
     His Majesty the King's activities in education started with his special interest in promoting the country's education so that it covered urban areas and the countryside in both formal and non-formal education. In developing a formal system, he has had schools constructed for children and young people who have lacked the chance of an education. In the non-formal sphere, the Phra Dabos Project was established under the King's initiative. In order to promote education in line with the learners' wishes, the King has allowed his people access to knowledge through the Royally Initiated Education and Development Centre, which complies a varity of information on academic matters, tests and experiments and agricultural demonstrations that present theory that can be turned into real practice for agriculturalists. All of these activities are useful in the development of the Thai people's quality of life and their education, which have been significant in the development of the country. By respectfully presenting the portrait of the King while he is giving lecture on water management to the audience who came to bless for his health and glory; in the occasion of a Royal birthday anniversary, on the 4th of December 1995, at Dusidalai Hall, Chitralada Villa, Dusit Palace.

Quantity of stamps: 1,000,000 pieces
Sheet Composition: 10 stamps per sheet

Printing Process: Lithography Multi-colour
Designer: Mayuree Narknisorn (Thailand Post Co., Ltd.)

FDC Price: 10 Baht
FDC Quantity: 1X,000 covers
 Size : 30 x 48 mm. (Vertical-measured from perforation to perforation)
 Printer : Chan Wanich Security Printing Company Limited, Thailand

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