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National Children's Day 2011 Commemorative Stamps

National Children's Day 2011 Commemorative Stamps

National Children's Day 2011 Commemorative Stamps First Day Cover.

First Day Cover

National Children's Day 2011 Commemorative Stamps Full Sheet.

Full Sheet

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 Issue Name :

National Children's Day 2011 Commemorative Stamps

 Issue Date : 2011-01-08
 Perforation : n/a
 Denomination : 3 Baht (4 Designs)
 Details : Khun Change-Khun Phaen

     Khun Chang-Khun Phaen, a traditional Thai literature narrative, is about a love triangle between one woman (Wanthong) and two men (Khun Chang-Khun Phaen). It is believed to be based on a true story from the Ayutthaya Period. Since then it has been handed down as a folk narrative. Prince Damrong assumed that the origins of the narative lay in the beginning of the Khum Hai Karn Chao Krung Kao Chronicle (The Chronicle of the Statements Made by the Inhabitants of the Ancient Capital). These three characters were from Suphan Buri. Wanthong and Khun Phaen were involved in a secret love affair and they were not yet married when Khun Phaen was conscripted for war. Khun Chang made every attempt to win Wanthong was his wife but on returning from the war, Khun Phaen took her away from Khun Chang, who went in search of her only to be hurt by Khun Phaen. A plan was devirsed to track them down and, after their arrest, Wanthong was executed for her indecisive love for two men.

Designs: Illustrating comic-style characters of Thai classic literature titled "Khun Chang-Khun Phaen"

Design1: Illustrating Khun Phaen

Design2: Illustrating Khun Chang

Design3: Illustrating Khun Phaen's ghost boy called Kumara Thong and Hong Prai, a female spirit in his power

Design4: Illustrating Nang Phimpilalai

Quantity of stamps: 700,000 pieces per design
Composition: 20 stamps per sheet

Printing Process: Lithography Multi-colour
Designer: Thaneth Ponchaiwong (Thailand Post Company Limited)

FDC Price: 22 Baht
FDC Quantity: 15,000 covers
 Size : 48 x 30 mm. (Horizontal-measured from perforation to perforation)
 Printer : Chan Wanich Security Printing Company Limited, Thailand

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