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Symbol of Love 2021 Postage Stamps - Hand Gestures

Symbol of Love 2021 Postage Stamps - Hand Gestures

Symbol of Love 2021 Postage Stamps - Hand Gestures First Day Cover.

First Day Cover

Symbol of Love 2021 Postage Stamps - Hand Gestures Full Sheet.

Full Sheet

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 Issue Name :

Symbol of Love 2021 Postage Stamps - Hand Gestures

 Issue Date : 2021-02-08
 Perforation : n/a
 Denomination : 5 Baht (4 Designs)
 Details :

Love is a Universal Language

     Love can be conveyed in many ways, through words, music, gifts and flowers. Sign language seems to be the simplest action in overcoming language barriers. Above all, it allows us to communicate to people with visual and hearing impairments. The stamp collection gathers 4 sign languages that is popular and relevant in modern culture today. This includes:

     The Mini Heart; a cross-cross between the thumb and index finger. It is a love sign originating from Korean Pop culture that is popularized throughout the world. My heart is for you; using both hands, curve the thumb and index finger together to from a heart shape. Holding Hands; it is proven that touching hands makes us feel safe and relieves stress and anxiety. Lastly, I Love You; a classic 1905 sign language that uses the thumb, index and pinky finger to form the letters I, L and Y.

     The stamp's whimsical line drawings aims to express the warm and sweetness of love in varying representations. This Valentines Day, choose a sign from these stamps to express love to your special someone.

Designs: Symbols of love by hand gestures.

Quantity of stamps: 500,000 pieces
Sheet Composition: 16 stamps per sheet (Different designs)

Printing Process: Lithography, Multi-colour (Self-Adhesive stamps)
Designer: Ms. Euamporn Supharoekchai (Thailand Post Co., Ltd.)

FDC Price: 32 Baht
FDC Quantity: -- covers
 Size : 31 x 31 mm.
 Printer : TBSP Public Company Limited

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