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Insect Postage Stamps (3rd Series)

Insect Postage Stamps (3rd Series)

Insect Postage Stamps (3rd Series) First Day Cover.

First Day Cover

Insect Postage Stamps (3rd Series) Overprinted Souvenir Sheet.

Overprinted Sheet

Insect Postage Stamps (3rd Series) Full Sheet.

Full Sheet

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 Issue Name :

Insect Postage Stamps (3rd Series)

 Issue Date : 2005-05-31
 Perforation : n/a
 Denomination : 5.00 Baht (4 Kinds)
 Details : Some bugs are like enemies to farmers since all they can do is destroying the farmer's production.However there are friendly bugs whose main purpose is to eliminate the harmful bugs from eating framer's crops.These friendly bugs consume the undersired bugs from farmer's field for survival .We realized this balance of nature and instead of using chemical substance in our frams , we learn to appreciate these friendly bugs . Some types of Ceterpilars such as ; Drury and wood-boxing beatle are among some of the bugs that damande our fields since they survive on the leaves of our plants from the time they were in their chrysalis stage till maturity.However other type of caterpilars such as Fabricius do eat these unfriendly bugs for survival .This is the colorful attraction of the balance of the world's ecology syterm.For the first time we combine veriety size stamps into one trendy design.
 Size : 24x29 mm.(Vertical) for 1st. and 4th Designs, 48x29 mm.(Horizontal) for 2nd and 3rd Designs
 Printer : Thai British Security Printing Public Company Limited, Thailand

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